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When placing tiles on the board, players must also learn the fundamentals of a placement that would land you some huge points - be that using 4 letter words or 7!. Using a Scrabble word finder is just one side of the coin because the type of words you build would also depend on where you use them on the board. Strategic board placement could either make or break your score so make wise decisions and use the board as the battlefield that you are most comfortable in.


Types of Scrabble Board Placement

Check out the following strategies for board placement in Scrabble:


One of the most popular board placement strategies is the Hook which gives you more points from the available playable words. This technique allows you to add letters to a word that are already existing on the board such as when you add letters G or L to the word RAVE to make it GRAVE and RAVEL, respectively. The easiest letter to use in the Hook strategy is the letter S. For example, you can create a new word from the word HOOT and make it HOOTS or SHOOT.


On top of the word tips, you should also use the board placement strategy specifically the Parallel. The technique is useful if you have a set of low-point tiles specifically vowels. A comprehensive Scrabble cheat teaches you to look for words that can play parallel to other words on the board which is already on it. You get points out of nothing when you form new words through adding letters on two parallel words with a sweet spot, slowly building your word from that spot.

Scrabble is a strategy board game that requires you to expand your word bank while knowing the basic tactics on board placement. Find the latest Scrabble help for more tricks.


Thu 30 March 2017

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At the beginning, Scrabble is played with your family, friends or with random strangers online. For some people, winning at Scrabble will give them a sense of superiority over their opponents while for other people it is a window to a new world that they have not explored enough. Some people get hooked onto the game while others are happy with being the family champion. Serious scrabble play involves training your brain to find a positive solution to each problem faced by players in the board game. If you are really serious about your Scrabble ambitions, you can pursue it further by entering a local competition or joining a Scrabble club. You can also use the Scrabble word finder to enhance your vocabulary and learn new word tips.

A friendly game of Scrabble might involve more than two people but a competitive Scrabble game will strictly be a one on one affair. It becomes really difficult to manage your tiles with increasing number of players as there are only 100 tiles to play with. It is also boring to wait for your turn as there are more people involved and one of the other players might hinder or block your next move. Thus, strategic planning and advanced gameplay go out the window when there are more than two people involved in a Scrabble showdown. A competitive Scrabble game will never be played between more than two sides.

When you play Scrabble at home, there’s no time limit but a professional game of Scrabble typically last for around 50 minutes. Both the sides are allocated no more than 25 minutes per game. Although this seems difficult to a novice player, it is just a matter of practice before you adjust your play to the clock. You will be surprised at the pace of your brain to find new words once you get the hang of it.

If you are constantly labelled as a Scrabble cheat in your friendly games because of some of your tricks you should definitely try your hand out at the professional event. You can train yourself with Scrabble help websites and ensure you have a good run at the local competition.

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Thu 30 March 2017

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If you love playing scrabble and you don’t want to lose or utilize Scrabble cheat all the time, one of the most important things to do is improve your spelling. How can you improve your spelling? I have listed ways you can improve your spelling below: Images before rules

The secret to accurate spelling--well, there are numerous, but this is a big one. It lies in exposing your brain to the picture of a word over and over again. Besides, the image needs to be quite large and free from other distractions. Avoid looking at misspellings

People at times think they are helping you learn to master a difficult spelling by showing ways in which it is frequently misspelled. Bad blunder! Just as frequent exposure to word-images is accountable for most of our capability to spell words properly, it can also be responsible for our propensity to spell words inaccurately - if, that is, we keep staring at frequently misspelled versions of words. The answer is simple. Do not do it - make certain that all of your spelling lists are full of appropriately spelled words only. See it, hear it, and say it

Involving numerous senses in the learning procedure can actually speed up word-acquisition. Each time you see the new word, don't just look at it (even though it is very significant too!), find out how it is pronounced and say it out loud. If feasible, you can visit Scrabble help website for help or maybe learn more word tips through Scrabble word finder.

First test, then study

But how do you modify a spelling program to what you do not know if you do not know what you don't know? A good query definitely, and I am very happy you asked. Test yourself first, and then build up a study program around the weaknesses you found in your test. This also means that you do not have to make guesses at what you think you know already.

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